10 myths of pregnancy finally unmasked!

10 myths of pregnancy finally unmasked!

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Myths related to pregnancy have a hard time! Heartburn give a baby full of hair at birth? Is a pregnant woman more dizzy? Do we have more nausea when we wait for a boy? Let's wring the neck with the received ideas!

Karine Ancelet

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10 myths of pregnancy finally unmasked! (10 photos)

Pregnant, we are more stunned:

Myth! The memory of pregnant women is just as good as that of others ... and if they give the feeling of being more dazed, it is simply because they often think about their baby!

If you have a lot of stomach reflux, the baby will be born hairy

No need to make an appointment with the hairdresser right now! There is no link between the mother's gastric reflux and the amount of hair the baby will have. These refluxes are due to the pressure of the stomach by the uterus and given the number of future mothers who suffer, the hairdressers would be overwhelmed.

All pregnant women have cravings for strawberries or pickles in the middle of the night:

This is a belief, all future moms do not necessarily have weird desires. On the other hand, it is true that they almost all have sudden cravings to eat because the increased production of insulin during pregnancy makes the blood glucose level fall more quickly. However, pregnancy is often accompanied by changes in tastes and behaviors that can sometimes be surprising.

It's better to wait for a girl ... we have less nausea

It's quite the opposite ! Studies have shown it. When a woman is waiting for a baby girl, there is a higher concentration of the pregnancy hormone hCG, which causes nausea, in the mother's blood. Ugly girls (uh, nausea, of course!).

For a first child, no chance to give birth on the scheduled date

Myth! It's quite the opposite. For a first baby, childbirth is most often on time. This will surely not be the case for his brothers and sisters ...

If the baby has a very high heart rate ... it's a boy

A heart rate of the baby is greater than 140 beats per minute, it announces a boy. The rhythm is lower? It's a girl. Another myth (and there are many on the sex of baby)! No scientific study has proven that ... The only certainty is that your own heartbeat will run every time you see his heart beat on ultrasound!

Heartburn is a sign that the baby is touching the wall with his head

Heartburn is triggered by enlargement of the uterus, which presses on the stomach. It's a lot less poetic ... but checked!

Cleaning up thoroughly will help trigger work

Again, no scientist has come to confirm this myth ... Clean house thoroughly, wash the floor, windows have no other effect than to prepare the house for the arrival of baby. Making love, on the other hand, could give a boost.

Caesarean section one day ... caesarean always!

Myth again. In fact, it depends on the cause of the first caesarean section. Linked to a permanent cause (a too narrow pelvis for example), it will impose itself again, but if it is related to the baby (position in seat, weight ...), a vaginal delivery will be quite possible for another baby.

Births are more numerous at the time of the full moon:

It is "the" myth par excellence! However, the full Moon has no influence on delivery. Statistically, it is no more likely to give birth on a moonlit night and American scientists have shown it a few years ago. On the other hand, if you believe in the power of the Moon, your unconscious may be influenced by this deep belief and your delivery may happen on a moonlit night.