After baby, what is the composition of my menu?

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Of course, I do not give up proteins!

  • They are brought by lean meats like veal, beef - with the exception of rib steak and rib steak. All fish are allowed, even smoked salmon, mackerel with white wine and surimi. As for poultry, you have to exclude duck, but not chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, quail and rabbit.
  • Dairy products are still topical but only if they are lean: plain or flavored yoghurt, faisselle, fresh square.

I chose to breastfeed, can I give myself more?

  • It will all depend on your pre-pregnancy BMI! In addition to proteins and vegetables, you are allowed to consume daily dairy products at 20% fat instead of 0%, fruit, two slices of wholemeal bread, one to two portions of starch (220 g cooked weighed) and, of course, the inevitable oat bran cake. Great !

Monique Fort

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