Keep your food

Keep your food

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Picnic, taste outside, snack ... to preserve the taste and nutritive properties of food, nothing beats a conservation in the rules of the art. Our advices.


  • Your kitchen worktop, utensils and containers must be flawless before preparing food for your child's meal. Your hands too. Clean them thoroughly before and after.


  • You concoct his lunch? Store it in its lunch box and keep it in the refrigerator until the time of departure.
  • Make sure that when you arrive at your destination, the box will also be stored cool or your child will eat his ham quickly.
  • Before storing raw fruits or vegetables in its box, pass them under cool water. They will be immediately consumable.

Which containers?

  • There are special boxes to refrigerate or even freeze food.
  • Make sure the lid is tight.
  • As for the lambda plastic boxes do not expect too much: they are ideal to keep dry a few cookies, a piece of bread, a fruit ... and not too long!

And after ?

  • Once your child has tapped into his plate or bitten into his sandwich, discard the leftovers to avoid the risk of contamination.

Our recipes picnic.