Travel well with baby!

Travel well with baby!

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These first holidays with your little one, you look forward to them. Yet on the eve of packing your bags, you wonder what you need to bring. Our advice for traveling light and with peace of mind.

Before leaving, go to the basics ...

  • No need to take everything to be sure that your baby will not miss anything.
  • No need to shop for the occasion. Everything your baby needs is mainly at home.
  • Changing mat, plastic tub and bottle warmer are to leave at home. Milk at room temperature will be perfect for your baby.

... and privilege the essentials!

  • Diapers, plastic baby bottles and swimsuit! Do not forget the sunscreen and the bob, for exhibitions at the hottest hours of the day.
  • Provide loose clothing that is easy to wash with a little wool for cool summer evenings.
  • By car, do not forget to install a sun visor on the glass, baby side.
  • For the sleep of your little treasure, opt for a bed umbrella to European standards without forgetting the mosquito net.
  • For walks, think of the wrap, very convenient to go where the stroller can not access.
  • Not to mention, the inevitable pharmacy case : thermometer, dressings, arnica ointment, antiseptics, paracetamol ...

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What to put in your big suitcase?


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