Chinese calendar: to predict baby's sex

Chinese calendar: to predict baby's sex

Girl or boy ? The second trimester ultrasound will tell you, but if you are too impatient, test the Chinese calendar! Based on the lunar months during the moment of conception, but also on the age of the future mother, it might surprise you.

What is the Chinese calendar?

  • This is the oldest method to predict the sex of the future baby. Its origin will go back more than 700 years. At the time, deprived of scientific or medical means, the Chinese were guided by the stars to know the sex of their baby and used this calendar.
  • This method of predicting baby sex is based on the month of conception and the age of the mother at that time. If the date of conception is in the rising moon, it will be a girl, if she is on a descending moon, this baby will be a boy.

How it works ?

  • In the table, cross your age at design time (left) with the month of conception (at the top). Pink or blue?
  • It is said that the reliability of the Chinese calendar is around 90% ... it's up to you. Remember however that this is a fun tool without any scientific value. Only ultrasound can confirm this. There is after all a chance out of two that it corresponds to your expectations!

You can download the calendar in PDF to print it by clicking on the image

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