How is chocolate made?

Do chocolate bars and spreads grow directly in the trees? And no, unfortunately, chocolate comes from a small tree that first gives a bitter fruit that needs to be transformed. Let your child discover the exciting story of making chocolate on video. Hmm, it makes you hungry all that!

My Little Boys Why answers the thousand and one questions that children from 4 to 6 years old ask themselves in cartoon form. The illustrations are fun, the diagrams and the explanations, up to child: they understand more easily!

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Text: Séverine Vergine. Illustrations: Océane Meklemberg. Animation: David Berlioz. Graphics: Catherine Pebrel. Editing: Camille Touaty. Music and sound effects: Henri-Pierre Pellegrin. Recording: Studio Elixir. Voice: Franck Aupeix Milan Press, 2018

Production :
Production :