Standing in there!

Standing in there!

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The Essentials of: 61 tips for quality sleep", sold with the May issue of. Today, zoom in on the nap.

  • Even when sleeping your toddler around 1:30 pm, he does not wake up until 5 pm Impossible then to make him sleep before 22 hours! One solution: take it from your nap after an hour and a half, the time of a sleep cycle. Again, it is to observe it to identify the moment when he begins to turn in his bed: it is the sign that he arrives at the end of the cycle.
  • Talk to him slowly, stroke her hair, her hands. If you wake him in the middle of a cycle, in deep sleep, you will cause a confusional awakening, he will not know where he is, will take time to recover his mind and may be in trouble until evening .

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  • At the weekend, your child goes to sleep easily at night. But during the week, it's java and it never sinks before a late hour. A situation that deserves you to conduct your little investigation. Napping at the nanny or nursery may be responsible for this difficulty. Ask the child care professional to fill out a sleep diary and write down the time she sleeps for the nap and the time she wakes up. You will have accurate information to establish your diagnosis and possibly ask him to correct the situation.

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