Cuddle care for baby's toilet

Cuddle care for baby's toilet

Pampering baby and pampering him everyday is also taking care of his skin. More fragile and delicate than that of the adult, she claims to be well nourished and hydrated. Our selection in pictures.

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A soft but fragile skin

  • Until the age of 3, your child's skin is fragile and immature. It secretes little sebum (fat) and sweat that form what is called the hydro-lipid film on the surface of the epidermis. As a result, it is dry and vulnerable because it can not play its full protective role in the face of environmental aggressions (wind, cold, heating). This is where the day care comes in, which will nourish it deeply and protect it effectively thanks to its soft and creamy texture.

Specific care

  • Forget the products designed for adults, too aggressive and privilege those "special baby" whose formulas are simple, hypoallergenic and have undergone dermatological tests. Depending on the degree of dehydration and the season (winter), you will opt for a simply moisturizing or "beefier" treatment such as a much richer and more protective cold cream.

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At the time of the baby's toilet: our file

Face, eyes, ears, small buttocks ... the time of the toilet is an important and pleasant step to share with your baby. Good gestures in video, good products, advice from specialists, tips from moms: discover our baby toilet folder quickly.

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