Dental floss: for children too!

Dental floss: for children too!

From an early age, the health of the teeth passes through a regular brushing. But not only ! To have healthy teeth, the use of dental floss is highly recommended too. The advice of Dr. Christophe Lequart, dental surgeon.

Dental floss, why do?

  • From 2 years, brushing teeth morning and evening and lasting 2 minutes helps to ensure a perfectly healthy mouth. But the toothbrush does not always have access to interdental spaces (between the teeth) where bacteria live.
  • These invisible enemies release acids that attack tooth enamel, promote plaque and allow caries to settle.
  • Only dental floss can access the contact points, where the teeth are touching, where the bristles of the toothbrush can not pass.

Dental floss, for which teeth?

  • As soon as 2 teeth are touching, so that there is a point of contact, you have to floss.
  • Even in very young children, from 2 years old.

Dental floss, how?

  • Dental floss is after evening brushing. Care should be taken to pass it gently, describing a C as a decay around each tooth (see diagram).
  • Shear movements should be avoided so as not to hurt your child's gums.
  • To help him do it alone, when he is older, you can opt for a wire holder, ideal instrument for beginners!

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