He wants to eat alone! So what ?

He wants to eat alone! So what ?

For some time, your baby has shown the desire to "take control" of his meals ... normal! Whatever the damage caused in the kitchen by this new spirit of independence, it would be a pity to "break it".

A step in its development

  • Symbolically, feeding yourself is a huge step in your baby's development. Whereas he hitherto depended entirely on you to move, to feed himself ... he begins to crawl towards the objects he covets and has a certain independence of movements. Not yet, however, that of a "big".
  • Eating alone, however, seems to him the obvious manifestation of his new autonomy, he arrives at the desired result ... by means less conventional than the spoon, certainly, but it is the result that counts.

A boost for his appetite

  • That's good, this craze for food-independence, because it gives him an appetite. You had noticed for some time that her enthusiasm for soup and compote was falling slightly. Nothing more normal. Its growth, dazzling the first months, passes at a slower speed, so its food fuel requirements are less important.
  • Moreover, he has exhausted his interest for the sensations that brought him his soups and desserts ... to eat the boredom. By discovering the voluptuous contact of warm, fresh, sticky or dripping, no longer on the tip of the tongue, but with both hands, he feels the pleasure of taming new material ...

The "patouille" is good for babies

  • The child psychiatrists assure him: a child who has been given the freedom to learn the contents of his plate by touch is likely to be a good eater ... or, later, a gourmet. So, more hesitation!