He sees little of his grandparents

He sees little of his grandparents

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Despite the distance or conflicts of adults, your child, if he feels like it, can build strong bonds with his grandparents. Family is important!

The problem

You live several hundred or even thousands of kilometers away from your family, or you are not on very good terms with your parents or in-laws, but you would like your child to know them anyway.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Who is who in the family? He gets lost a bit and does not understand that you have parents too: a mother, his grandmother, and a dad, his grandfather.
  • You. You want your child to be part of a family line. You fear that his grandparents are foreign to him.

You live far from your grandparents

Her grandparents live far from home, but your child is starting to grow up. On the plane or the train, hostesses welcome children who travel alone and watch over them during the journey. Do not hesitate to send it to his grandparents. The important thing for your child is to keep in touch with them even when they do not see them.

  • What has to be done. As soon as schedules and finances allow, organize trips to his grandparents. A few days for the first time, or more if your child feels confident and expresses the desire. Between stays, tell him about them, tell him about your childhood.
  • The phone, the Internet, the mail, all means of communication are also good for maintaining the link between two visits. Also remember to carry with him a family tree that you display in his room for example.
  • What to tell him. "If you made a nice drawing for grandma, it would be nice for him," "We call grandpa, you're going to tell them what you did for your birthday."

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