10 things that have me (needlessly) worried pregnant

10 things that have me (needlessly) worried pregnant

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A first pregnancy always raises a thousand questions and often causes little (if any) concern. After giving birth, we smile, and we say that next time, we will be more relaxed (we will try at least). Anthology…

10 things that made me (needlessly) worried pregnant (10 photos)

1. Being sick like a dog for 9 months

Migraines, vomiting, nausea ... the little pains of pregnancy really do not dream, but fortunately, in most cases, it does not last 9 months: many inconveniences cease after the first trimester.

2. Catch toxoplasmosis because of Felix (your nice domestic cat)

Certainly, contracting toxoplasmosis during pregnancy can be serious, but the risk that Felix is ​​contaminated by the parasite is very low, as long as it is a domestic cat and never eating raw meat. In addition, even if infected, the only "perilous" moment is the change of litter, because the parasite is present in the stool. Balance: just change the bedding every day by another person to be quiet (not forgetting to say after: "thank you, darling").

3. Become huge (and worse, stay it for life)

Today, doctors agree that it is better not to gain too much weight during pregnancy. Finally, following their nutritional advice, you did not take so many pounds ...

4. Do not recognize the first signs of delivery (and give birth in the street)

It is true that a childbirth can last longer or shorter depending on the woman, but in most cases, the warning signs are clear and start early enough to reach motherhood. The proof: you have identified without any problem the contractions of childbirth, much more intense and closer than those you had already experienced punctually (often in the evening, after a very tiring day).

5. Do not bear to be "buttocks in the air" in public

Even if you are very modest at the time of delivery, you had many other things to think about ... In the end, the presence of medical staff did not disturb you more than that.

6. Not to bear the pain (with or without epidural)

To rethink, billions of women have reached before you. They were neither stronger nor better prepared than you. No wonder you too manage to manage your delivery ...

7. Do not have breasts

Small, big, pear-shaped ..., the size and shape of the breasts fortunately have no importance at the time of breastfeeding, you have seen it yourself.

8. Never find a fulfilling sexuality

It may have taken some time to find you both under the duvet, but now, everything is fine, thank you!

9. Do not love baby

A worry gone as soon as you saw his little face ...

10. Being unable to take good care of baby

You realize it now: when you're afraid of being a bad mother, it's already proof that you're really worried about your baby. And so we have everything we need to be a good mother to fail to be the "super-perfect mom" who, anyway, does not exist ...


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