Delivery with suction cup, how is it going?

Sometimes, during a vaginal delivery, the baby has difficulty getting out. To help him, and without resorting to a caesarean, the obstetrician can be brought to assist the birth by performing an instrumental extraction with a suction cup.

The sucker, what is it?

  • The obstetric sucker also called vacuum extractor is an instrument that looks like a small cut of about 5 cm, extended by a small pipe itself connected to a pump.
  • The suction cup is used as forceps, to help the baby out during delivery.
  • Births assisted by instrumental extractions are very well controlled and present no danger for the child and the mother. They represent each year about 10% of total births.

The sucker, in which cases?

It is always the obstetrician who will decide and proceed to the instrumental extraction using a suction cup. He will decide to use it in special circumstances:

  • When the mother's pushing efforts are ineffective and the baby's head does not progress into the maternal pelvis.
  • When the heart rate slows down and indicates fetal distress that may be due to compression of the umbilical cord.
  • Similarly, if the health of the mother (hypertension) does not allow her to provide expulsion efforts that are too durable without taking a risk for her health, the obstetrician may decide to use a suction cup.

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